An essentials list for your travel ‘go-bag’!

Travel has changed – and so should your travel ‘go-bag’. It is always important to be prepared, and with these simple yet important items in your hand luggage or on your person, you will be ready to travel safely.

Have a few disposable masks with you in case of emergencies such as losing your primary mask, breaking your material mask, or if you misplace it. A mask is a very strict requirement at all airports, on planes, and in general communal areas – so make sure you aren’t caught without one.

Stay informed regarding your own health. Travelling with your own thermometer will allow you to monitor your temperature and avoid any surprise fevers at relevant checks.

Wash your hands with soap and water for at least 20 seconds after you have been in a public place or always have hand sanitiser available. Reminder: due to the 70% alcohol concentration it is highly flammable, so do not leave this in a hot car, be careful when handling lighters or matches after sanitising your hands and make sure you don’t exceed the 100ml restriction when travelling internationally.

Alcohol wipes can be used to sanitise chairs, steering wheels, armrests, doorknobs, utensils, and any other surfaces you need to touch while travelling.

An alcohol sanitiser spray can be used to sanitise materials such as your bag, your mask if you remove it to eat for example, or any other surfaces that cannot be wiped down with wipes.

Use a no-touch key ring to open doors, or press any buttons while travelling – it ensures that you don’t touch these high-risk objects with your hand, but rather with a clean metal tool which can be sanitised.

It is now even more important to ensure you have your medical information, current medications and medical aid contact details on hand.  We suggest you have this clearly written and available in your wallet.

Make sure you travel with a pen, and a spare or two, to ensure you don’t have to use someone else’s should you need one.

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