Your home office vs. a Caribbean island?

The Curacao island in the Caribbean now offers extended stay options for the working gypsy that can operate their business from anywhere in the world.

Working remotely has become extremely popular – particularly during the strict lockdown in South Africa and across the globe.  Many businesses implemented remote working policies to keep their employees working, but from the safety of their homes. Suddenly business owners and managers realised how much money they can save on overheads, like electricity, refreshment stations etc. which means many businesses may never fully return to physical offices.

Curacao, an island in the Caribbean, has implemented regulations to allow non-residents to work from their island over an extended stay at reduced rates. Any individual wanting to swap out their home office for an island view can submit a digital application form with a copy of their passport photo page, proof of solvency, and proof of international insurance covering them for Covid-19, to partake in these new regulations dubbed Home Program.

Resorts on some of the islands surrounding Curacao such as the Mandarin Oriental is also offering extended stays to Home Program applicants that includes $1 000 resort credit for every month that an individual stays, customised meal plans, water-sports, personal gold carts, 30% discount on dining in, entertainments and of course high-speed Wi-Fi throughout the grounds, including for their villas and suites.

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