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With South Africa on risk-adjusted Level 2 as from today 18 August 2020, lockdown regulations are slowly easing even further. South Africans are now able to travel more freely – for business as well as for pleasure. However, even though the domestic travel ban has been lifted, concerns about the risk of infection remains.

According to Caitlin Howell, a chemical and biomedical engineer at the University of Maine, any human interaction has the potential of exposing you to the COVID-19 virus – but staying at a hotel or other accommodation carries very little risk.

Hotels and various other accommodation facilities have always had mandatory cleaning and procedures; but with the arrival of the pandemic most of these establishments had to increase the frequency and intensity of their cleaning regimes to mitigate the risk of infection and to offer you a safe space away from home.

The City Lodge Hotel Group is one of South Africa’s many accommodation suppliers that has stepped up their safety and hygiene protocols by adding the following precautions to safeguard you and your family:

City Lodge recently launched their ‘Private Office’ offering where they have transformed a number of their suites into your office away from home. The special room rates include self-help tea and coffee stations, secure parking, fast and reliable WiFi, air-conditioning, and of course, clean and hygienic surroundings. These industry-wide safety and hygiene precautions ensured that South Africa was granted the globally recognised Global Safety Stamp of Approval from the World Travel and Tourism Council’s (WTTC).

Whether you are in need of a private office for a day, are travelling for business or taking the family on a local-is-lekker vacation – you can rest assured, the risk of infection is minimal, especially if you also adhere to general health and safety protocols.


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