Our Processes

All successful businesses have time-proven processes to ensure efficiency. Although we are open to customising how we work with our clients to suit their unique needs, these processes are critical to the successful operation of our services.

Corporate Travel Booking Process


Step 1: Requisition

Club Travel Corporate secures and submits three quotes that meet the requirements as outlined in the client’s travel policy and service level agreement.

Step 2: Approval

Client selects quote and sends through approval for Club Travel Corporate to issue travel documents.

Step 3: Issuing

Club Travel Corporate books selected option and issues travel documentation accordingly.

Step 4: MyTrips

Club Travel Corporate emails tickets and vouchers to client and traveller. SMS is sent to traveller. If traveller is using TripCase, these documents will be available on the app. All vouchers will be accessible via our client portal, NexCT.

Step 5: MIS Reporting

All travel data related to the booking is captured, consolidated and reported on. Reports are made available via Club Travel Corporate’s client portal, NexCT.

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