The events sector in South Africa has suffered greatly since the onslaught of the pandemic, but it is on the mend.   Perhaps it’s time to get back in the saddle and plan your next corporate event.  From meetings to incentive, to conferences and events – we can look after all your needs.

Challenges currently deterring corporates from hosting in-person events again are as follows:

Health and Safety; there is a risk that Covid-19 could spread among guests and enforcing safety regulations could be difficult to manage if you have a small team.

Lead times; with regulations changing overnight, it is difficult to plan months in advance.

Pricing and affordability; costs involved in events can be expensive, even more so with the regulations including additional Covid-19 precautions that also incur costs. Majority of businesses were negatively impacted by the pandemic, hosting an event could be a cost outside of business’ current budgets.

Infrastructure/Skills gaps and staffing; it takes a team of people to put together a successful event. Many businesses do not have these skills or resources within their business.

We are the solution.

Our MICE team has the experience and expertise of not only pre-Covid events, but post-Covid gatherings too. The consultants remain abreast of current rules and regulations stipulated by government while also researching best practices and procedures to keep delegates and attendees safe throughout your event. With a full team at your disposal, it is easier to plan and execute an event on short notice, or to adjust event specifications – as regulations change during the lead-up to your event. Our vast network of partners, suppliers and contacts allow us to negotiate affordable rates for our clients.  This includes suppliers for events, conferencing, meetings, and incentives.

Contact us now to discuss your event with great returns.

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