Unique socio-economic development strategy helps achieve Level 1 B-BBEE status

01 September 2017

Club Travel Corporate is now verified as a Level 1 contributor according to the Tourism Sector QSE B-BBEE Code, having significantly exceeded the target scores set for the industry.

“Black ownership and black women ownership has grown strategically over the years, however the hard work has been, and will continue to be in the areas of skills development, enterprise and supplier development and socio-economic development,” says Wally Gaynor, managing director of Club Travel. “It is within these areas that we make a positive difference in people’s lives, and directly stimulate the economy.”

Although Club Travel Corporate’s Level 1 achievement is not entirely unique in the industry, the company’s socio-economic development strategy is.

All Club Travel Corporate’s socio-economic development and corporate social investment initiatives are managed and delivered through Club Cares, the company’s dedicated CSI vehicle. “Club Cares is based on the principles of inclusivity and shared responsibility,” says Gaynor. All Club Travel Corporate’s staff contribute monthly to Club Cares, the company matches the staff contribution, and this money is then added to its total socio-economic development investment.

“Club Cares is managed by a committee of staff members who are responsible for delivering on our strategy; actively engaging with beneficiaries and reporting back into the business,” says Gaynor.

Gaynor says that Club Travel Corporate contributes to myriad initiatives, some strategically selected by the business, and others identified by staff and clients; as was the case in the company’s recent 30 ‘Wishes’ campaign.

The ‘30 Wishes’ campaign invited staff, clients and the public to submit a wish for any charity, cause, business or individual in need. Club Travel Corporate then selected and granted 30 wishes, one for every year Club Travel has been in business. The wishes were granted during the company’s birthday month of July.

“Through this campaign, we contributed a total of R250 000 which is only a percentage of our total annual spend,” says Gaynor. Previous beneficiaries include The CHOC Foundation, The JDI Foundation, Reach for a Dream, CANSA and SPCA.

Club Travel Corporate’s unique socio-economic development strategy amplifies its impact through its scalable financial model, and staff involvement. “It is also in keeping with our company positioning, For Great Returns,” concludes Gaynor.