21 Sep 2017

You’ve just completed eventful business travel locally or abroad and have experienced a multitude of occurrences – some more pleasant than others. Sharing your experiences with your company’s travel booker will add great value to future trips; not just for you, but for your colleagues.

If your company’s TMC is a good one, chances are the consultant will contact you upon your return to discuss your trip. Your feedback is of immense importance as it is first-hand and current. The consultant will share your valued information with the TMC’s teams and, of course, with your travel booker.

We live in a world of continuous and often unexpected change and events – from terrorist incidents and natural disasters to airport ground staff strikes and city-centre grid-locked traffic. While away, should something untoward occur any time of day or night, make use of available technology to let the 24/7 on duty TMC consultant know what’s happening.

Valuable feedback is not always about monumental events. It’s also about seemingly mundane situations that often make a huge difference to the enjoyment and productivity of a business trip.

Examples of feedback such as this include:

Remember, anyone can book a flight, car or hotel. But inside information and tips are what add value and cement relationships between yourself, your company, your TMC and your colleagues.