Travel Bubbles

Business travellers and tourists alike are all bubbling to travel; but the Covid-19 infection rates across the world differ greatly, with some countries on zero new infections for weeks and others with infections increasing by the thousands overnight.

To try and accommodate the growing demand for open borders, countries have started to allow people from lesser risk areas to travel between participating countries, without the quarantine period, thereby creating ‘travel bubbles’ or as some refer to it: travel corridors and air bridges. Plainly explained – a travel bubble is an arrangement between 2 (or more) countries allowing people to freely travel across their borders.

Although a very interesting and appealing resolution – it is somewhat unstable. Countries can easily retract their agreement to being part of this ‘travel bubble’ if they experience a surge in new infections. The bubbles are therefore unpredictable – unless you have a travel partner that stays up to date with world events, bubble changes, documentation requirements, and daily policy changes and, of course, one that is ready to support you should you find yourself needing assistance while outside of South Africa. A travel partner like Club Travel Corporate.

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