It is difficult to gauge when, where and how life will return to ‘normal’ after the Covid-19 pandemic. Many are hopeful that the waves of Covid-19 will subside once the vaccine arrives in SA, and that life (and business) could return to some form of normality. But what will the post-Covid-19 new-normal look like? And what changes and precautions might stay?

Business travel has gone through marked changes over the course of the pandemic, with industry leaders expecting some adaptations to remain long after the pandemic has passed. These changes include:

Health and Hygiene:

Service providers within the MICE space such as hotels, airlines and car hire have adjusted their health and hygiene protocols to protect their clients from Covid-19. This heightened level of sanitation has become standard and will likely remain to safeguard customers from not only Covid-19, but other viruses and contaminants.

Interaction Sizes:

A trend towards smaller audiences have emerged.  Scaling down in audience size has brought about more meaningful and better interactions, as well as awaking smaller businesses and entrepreneurs to the benefits of these types of sessions.  Again, going digital has been of great benefit to all businesses in keeping their teams and clients engaged in a safe and productive way – without having to compromise on the number of attendees.

New Offerings:

Conferencing and events management companies have expanded their service offering to include digital, online solutions to their client’s needs. Businesses and clients will have a choice in future; smaller more intimate meetings, large scale presentations and exhibitions or digital demonstrations. Some organisations have also implemented tiers – with top-tier businesses given an in-person invite, while lower tiers being invited to attend via a dial-in platform such as Zoom.

The world as a whole had to adjust and change to accommodate the Covid-19 regulations and rules, but some of these adjustments have sparked lasting changes and evolution – the ‘new’  business world is exciting and we look forward to assist you with these adjustments to your travel needs, with great returns.

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