“Just a short note to convey my compliments in regards to the level of service and knowledge provided by Lyndyll Peters.

Since starting with Club Travel Corporate it has been a pleasure to have Lyndyll look after our account.  We have worked very closely together to ensure providing exceptional service to our travellers.  This is particularly relevant when it comes to out of hours service…..which for our 24/7 business does come at the most in-opportune times!  Nothing has been too much trouble for Lyndyll; often disrupting her weekends to issue or re-issue tickets for last minute bookings or changes.

Lyndyll has also been very open to suggestions; itinerary suggestions, fare calculation suggestions which has allowed us to bounce ideas off each other to come up with win-win solutions.  Our itineraries have been wide and varied often to or from parts of the globe neither of us have dealt with before allowing for some creative airfare calculation options.  I encourage Lyndyll to pursue different itineraries as there is always more than one airfare solution.”