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From booking tools to travel management to back-office support, we have a bouquet of world-class standards-compliant travel technology tools that streamline and optimise your travel programme.

We are constantly researching and investing in new travel technology to give your business access to cutting-edge tools in booking and managing your travel, and ensuring your travellers’ safety and well being.

Our client portal, NexCT, gives our clients and their travellers an online dashboard to access critical travel information, documentation and tools.


NexCT is a user-friendly online solution that streamlines the business travel process from requisition all the way to credit card reconciliation.

With NexCT, Club Travel Corporate has real-time access to both pre- and post-trip reporting enabling us to better manage our clients’ travel, pro-actively service their needs and maintain transparency.

A solution that is effective and efficient to meet our clients’ needs.

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  • Farestar

    FareStar is an online air travel booking tool that gives corporate travel managers access to airfares from over 1000 airlines across 50 countries.

    As GlobalStar’s exclusive South African partner, Club Travel Corporate is the only travel management company in the country to offer clients total access to the cost-saving power of FareStar.

    The benefits of FareStar include:

    • Control travel expenditure from any location
    • Access to multiple databases in multiple countries with a single search
    • Access to a wider seat inventory
    • Removal of blind spots to discover better fare prices
    • Exclusive access to global markets, airfares and availability
    • Measurable savings on corporate air travel
  • Back Office

    Our back-office software focuses on optimising mid- and back-office functions from order handling, invoicing, and posting of financial transactions to the formation of MIS data.

    By automating workflows on a single platform we have a competitive advantage go assist our clients to move forward in profitable growth.

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