Corporate travel technology

Fast becoming recognised as the greatest differentiator in our industry, access  to cutting-edge technology is an industry pre-requisite. Club Travel Corporate offers our clients access to industry-leading travel technology, either directly, or in collaboration with our dedicated consultants.

Our technology-leading solutions are easily customised to meet the unique needs of Club Travel Corporate’s clients. Our goal is always to give clients the best deal.

Our primary technological tools include:

Global Distribution System with Agents Desktop: This add-on reservation tool greatly reduces turnaround time on reservations by up to 75 percent, and as result improves productivity and cuts service fees.

Fare Star:  An online air-travel booking tool, Fare Star gives Club Travel Corporate full access to seat inventory from over 1000 airlines and 50 countries. Through utilisation of this technology, Club Travel Corporate is able to save our clients as much as 50 percent on their international airfare costs. As GlobalStar’s exclusive South African partner, Club Travel Corporate is the only South African travel management company with access to Fare Star.

Speedfares: This groundbreaking reservations solution is exclusive to Club Travel Corporate (in sub-Saharan Africa). It gives us access to all airlines not in the traditional reservation systems, returning all possible solutions and pricing. Saving time and money.

Travel Management System (TMS): The brainchild of Club Travel Corporate, TMS is designed to manage service levels and improve the performance of our travel consultants.

ProCON Accounting/Administration System: An Oracle-based travel accounting and administration package, including CRM and MIS funcationality, facilitates the comprehensive and accurate reporting Club Travel Corporate is known for.