Pack all your travel worries away with Bryte Travel Insurance

05 Sep 2019

The only thing worse than something unexpected happening while travelling abroad is for you to have to worry about claiming from insurance. Bryte customers can be assured that their claims can be easily lodged no matter where in the world they are. Their claims handling approach is fast, fair and professional.

The claim handlers develop individual solutions that ensure speedy recovery to limit the interruptions to customer journeys.

Airlifted from the Roof of the World

A Bryte customer was airlifted by helicopter to Kathmandu as his condition continued to worsen after initially complaining about severe fatigue, shortness of breath and nausea while making his way up Mount Everest. He made it to the hospital and was treated for altitude sickness and gastroenteritis and made a full recovery.

Once Bitten

Another Bryte customer, who was travelling in Botswana, was bitten by a venomous puffadder on his ankle. After being taken to hospital and receiving a good dose of antivenom, he was airlifted to South Africa the next day.

Surviving Phuket

A Bryte customer visiting Phuket, Thailand, unfortunately, collided with a jet ski while he was swimming in the sea, resulting in a neck injury. After being taken to the hospital and having a CT scan of his brain, the customer required additional, significant treatment before being discharged 2 weeks later.


A customer on a visit to Guatemala slipped and fell in her hotel bathroom. After being taken to hospital and being treated for fractured bones in her foot, she was given a walking boot and an upgraded flight back home.

With various plans to choose from, depending on your particular travel requirements, Bryte makes sure that you are covered, no matter where on Earth you find yourself.

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