New destination, new risks?

New business opportunities often involve new destinations; some of which may be new to your company and your travellers. It can be quite daunting finding and vetting new suppliers in these countries, especially since you will be entrusting them with the safety and wellbeing of your travellers.

Although globalisation and the internet have made sourcing overseas suppliers relatively easy, it does not always help you in determining whether they are legit or trustworthy. By using a search engine and typing in the service you are looking for i.e. guesthouse or transfer, and the country’s name, a long list of websites will appear in your search result. With paid-for results showing at the top of the page, and some random results making a showing, working down the list as if it is ordered based on quality, is not an option. The internet can be a confusing place, and it is often well-used by criminals to deceive and exploit. How then do you identify the good from the bad and go about vetting new suppliers in countries that you have no experience of or no local representation in.

There are a few checks you can do to qualify a search result i.e.

Another way to go about looking for a new supplier in a new destination is to contact any international companies that you know operate in or travel regularly to that country, region or city and ask for referrals. Some of the larger international hotel chains and airlines may also have recommendations or advice.

But rather than take any chances, carefully consider partnering with a professional travel management company. The service fee will far outweigh the risks of doing it on your own.

This is where a good travel management company really proves its worth; there is little doubt that a company like Club Travel Corporate will have the required knowledge or better still, a reputable network in more destinations than your organisation does.

“Finding, vetting, managing and continuously measuring the quality and reliability of suppliers in multiple local and international destinations is our business,” says Sharon Nash, Travel Operations Director of Club Travel Corporate. ”The diverse nature of our client base requires that we constantly build this network, and track and record their performance in meeting and exceeding our clients’ expectations.”

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