It’s the festive season but you still have urgent out-of-town business to attend to. A video conference call won’t cut it. Only a face-to-face intervention will do. Maybe because of the rush you’re tempted to go online and do it for yourself – flights, accommodation, etc. If you do, it’s imperative that you make sure all your arrangements comply with your company’s travel policy.

However, pause for a moment. Why go through all the hassle? Remember, if you make use of your company’s travel management company partner (TMC), their professional consultants will not only ensure that your travels comply with the travel policy, they will take care of all travel arrangements, enabling you to focus on what matters most; doing your job as efficiently, effectively and seamlessly as possible.

The TMC’s experts have the under-the-skin understanding of you company’s culture and, as a frequent flyer, they know your personal preferences; a window seat on the airplane, a bed and breakfast rather than a hotel, etc. And if you’re a first time flyer, they will care to find out your travel likes and dislikes and accommodate them.

In addition, the TMC’s consultants, using their long-standing mutually beneficial relationships with suppliers as leverage, will ensure the best possible rates when organising your flights, hotels, transfers, lounge passes, insurance, car rental and any applicable loyalty points.

By relying on your TMC, you save time and stress; plus you get 24-hour access to a TMC team member who is willing, able and ready to help with any concerns or problems.

Wishing you a successful trip, a great holiday and a Happy New Year!

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