Luggage Types For Business Travellers

The days of carrying heavy, unpractical suitcases are long gone. When selecting luggage, the first thing business travellers should look at is convenience. As time progress and product design evolves, the list of options for choosing luggage has become never-ending. This article provides you with three types of luggage that will help you choose the one that is right for your next business trip:

Carry-on bags
As a business traveller, you want to avoid unnecessary hassles and check-in costs. A carry-on bag has plenty of exterior pockets to store your personal belongings.

Packing all your travel essentials in a single carry-on bag has the advantage of increasing mobility.

Hard-sided Luggage
Hard-sided luggage refers to a shell-like exterior and is generally a better option for protecting your fragile items from heavy impacts. Also, hard-shell suitcases are believed to offer better security. Their lack of external pockets means somebody can’t just unpack a compartment and take your belongings.

Soft-sided luggage will be less expensive and lighter, but it will also be much less durable. This type of luggage is usually best suited for carry-ons.

Garment bags
A garment bag protects your suits, shirts, pants and dresses. Look for a bag with designated accessory compartments. Ultimately, the best choice for a garment bag is one that contains hooks you can incorporate with your coat hangers to make transportation easier.

There’s a lot to consider when choosing the right type of luggage. Today, most of the luggage sold comes with wheels. The challenge is to find out if you are supposed to get four or two wheels. If mobility is your priority, then you should go for the four-wheeled option. You can easily wheel the luggage alongside you, in front of you or behind you with four wheels. It’s also easy to navigate in aircraft aisles and other tight spaces. It’s important to take your preferences and comfort levels into consideration.

Finding the best-suited luggage type from an online luggage shop will make your business travels much easier and much more enjoyable.

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