Did you know, we have a specific department that serves the film industry in South Africa? We found that understanding and specialising in the unique, fast-paced nature of the film industry’s travel management needs is imperative to serving these clients, ensuring the success of their overall productions.

Our in-house film industry expert, Carol Riedt, recently assisted a South African citizen while abroad in Canada. This specific film crew were not clients at the time, but they approached Carol out of complete frustration to assist them, through a mutual acquaintance. A colleague of the film crew in South Africa booked the crew’s flights with Air Canada, a car rental service through Avis Canada and a local hotel. These bookings were made with a company credit card that was with the colleague in South Africa. Only once the bookings were complete, and paid for, did the colleague realise that the physical card is needed in the possession of the traveler – to be able to board their flights, collect the rental car and book into the hotel. The physical card is required as a fraud-check to safeguard the suppliers involved.

Carol was contacted at 10pm South African time on her 24/7 after hours assistance number. Within one evening Carol was able to contact the Air Canada representative in Canada to cancel the original flights, and to re-book them through our Global Distributions System (GDS). She also contacted Avis South Africa to arrange the cancellation of the original car rental booking in Canada with their Canadian branch, and booked the client’s rental through a Bill Back procedure which allows us to pay for the rental, and we, in turn, bill the client. The hotel booking also had to be cancelled and booked through Club Travel Corporate’s GDS – all ensuring that the crew could travel without having any physical proof of the Bank Card used for any of the bookings.

The above arrangements were besides the extra cancellations and changing of bookings the client required when one of their filming locations in Sudbury was no longer accessible – due to Covid-19 lockdown regulations being instated days before they were to travel there.

The client was able to film all the footage they needed in Montreal, as arranged by Carol, and complete their filming here. Carol received an email from the crew saying they truly viewed her as part of their team – helping them through some of the most stressful situations.  With Carol being available to them any time of day or night she safeguarded their business by preventing loss of money through cancelled bookings.

From complete strangers, to part of the same team – our dedicated travel experts are here to serve you, support you, truly be part of your team, and ensure you receive great returns!

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