The Dubai International Airport has recently installed and activated 122 new Smart Gates throughout the airport.

These smart gates use travellers’ biometric information – specifically their eyes – to identify and document the traveller. This new technology ensures a much faster and most importantly, a contact-less journey for travellers returning to the skies.

Travellers can experience the following at the airport:

  1. Check in. A camera scans the traveller’s face and collects their biometric data for their face and the iris of their eye. Travellers will be required to momentarily remove their face mask at this point.


  1. Travellers are asked to sign and confirm that they are happy for the Dubai International Airport to use their biometrics for access at the different Smart Gates throughout the airport.


  1. Smart Gates Access. Passports and Emirates IDs are no longer scanned at these access points – the Smart Gates replace these scanning requirements by making use of the traveller’s biometrics to link the traveller with their passports and/or Emirates IDs. Please note: travellers need to momentarily remove their face masks at the Smart Gates for the sensor to recognise the traveller.


Besides the safety benefits of this touch-less process, the Smart Gates also reduce traveller’s passport control interaction to 5 – 9 seconds. These gates have been set up in the departure and arrival halls.

Mr. Mohammad Ahmad Almarri told The National that the inclusion of the Smart Gates is not only due to the Covid-19 Pandemic, but also aimed at creating a unique and effortless experience for all travellers.

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