Important points to remember when working from home.

The world of business has changed significantly in the last 6 months. Many companies worldwide have implemented a WFH (work from home) policy. To many, this makes for a welcome change.

No daily commute, extra cuddles from our furry friends, less make-up and potentially… no pants! This does, however, mean that the line between work and personal time gets a bit blurry and can create unhealthy habits.

Here are a few important points to remember when working from home:


Set alarms on your phone, or on your smart watch to remind you to get up and stretch at least every 2 hours. This improves circulation throughout your body and can assist in relieving tension.

Do not work in your bedroom.  Create a designated ‘office space’ somewhere in your kitchen, living room or a study. It is important to maintain your brain’s mental association between your bedroom and sleep to ensure you get a good night’s rest – working in your bedroom (or from your bed!) weakens that association.

Your neck and back aches are not just stress related. It is important to ensure your work-station consists of a good chair with great lumbar support, for your laptop or PC screen to be elevated (when in a word document, the very top line of writing needs to be exactly eye level – that’s when you know your set up is ready), and lots of natural light to keep you awake and focused.

This step can be incorporated with your ‘body breaks’. It is important to get some fresh air – go for a walk, drink a cup of tea in your garden or just set a timer and get 20min of sunshine – the fresh air and Vitamin D from the sun assist in digestion of food, improves blood pressure and strengthens the immune system.

It is easy to soldier through and forget to take a break; set an alarm and step away from your desk to have a bite to eat. Or set a ‘lunch date’ with someone in your home, or virtually over a Zoom call. Having someone else to keep you to your commitments helps you take a step back and ‘socialise’.


Many businesses however do not have the luxury of cutting all business travel and protecting their employees by keeping them home. These businesses have the responsibility to do all they can to mitigate any risk for their employees, but the employees need to keep themselves safe as well.

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