How to choose the best business travel app

Technology defines the modern generation, it is integral to how we manage our personal and business lives. Today’s business men and women are intuitive users of multiple technology devices and applications; so much so that technology failure or lack of connectivity seriously impedes our ability to perform at desired outputs. For this reason, it is imperative that business travellers remain on the cutting edge of all relevant technology, including travel technology.

Identifying and efficiently using the best travel technology applications on the market is fast becoming as important as packing in your devices, chargers, and earphones, and ensuring reliable access to WiFI or data wherever your business location.

Corporate travellers need easy access to a self-service travel application that delivers reliable information, facilitates online bookings, enables communication, stores critical travel documentation, assists with the management and reporting on business travel expenses, and most importantly saves time.

There are a number of travel applications on the market, all prophesying to do similar time-saving, life-improving functions, most available for free, and quick and easy to download and install. Knowing how to discern the average from the awesome can be difficult. Here are some suggested questions to ask when making your choice:

One travel app that positively addresses all the above points is TripCase. This award-winning travel app is widely utilised by corporate and independent business travellers worldwide and now, through its integration with GetThere, is fully supported in South Africa by Club Travel Corporate.

While companies are duty bound to ensure their staff safe, seamless, stress-free travel when representing the business, travelers need to be actively involved to ensure the best technology is adopted and utilised to fulfill the company’s corporate travel objective. As a business traveller you are often in the best position to give feedback, and make recommendations to your company’s travel manager, from airlines to accommodation, as well as travel technology.


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