How load shedding impacts the travel industry

According to an economist, Eskom remains one of the biggest threats to the country’s economic growth. Businesses around the country already feel the impact of the power outages, especially on an operational level.

Load shedding directly impacts operators, clients and agents in the tourism industry. The power outages prevent staff to use their PC’s, Internet and office phones. This means they are unable to check availability, make online bookings or respond to incoming queries.

Service operators asked local and international travellers to remain patient as they are trying to resolve the backlog from recent black-outs. Various service providers have put measures in place to minimise the disruption, in order to facilitate a better response time.

Eskom pledged to not keep us in the dark and will improve their communication by informing the affected areas of scheduled load shedding beforehand.

Load shedding schedules are available on Eskom’s website, and MyEskomApp.



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