Bali governor, Wayan Koster, has announced the implementation of Green Zones across Bali. These designated areas, as outlined by the Balinese government, will enjoy increased health and safety measures for tourists.

The aim of these Green Zones is to isolate tourists from locals as much as possible, to mitigate the risk of infection either way but to still restart international tourism in the area.

Indonesian Tourism Minister Sandiago Uno listed possible Green Zones as follows:

The decision to create these Green Zones and to reinstate international borders comes after a promising decline in Covid-19 cases in the region and follows the successful launch of Indonesia’s vaccine roll-out at the beginning of the year. Bali is on track to roll out 600 000 Sinovac vaccines by July – leaving them confident to welcome tourists back very soon.

The concept of Green Zones and of Vaccine Passports is on the forefront of driving travel and tourism in the time of Covid-19, and will allow travellers to return to ‘travel as normal’ in a safe and low-risk way.

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