Consumers have become more focused on sustainability and environmental protection. Travellers specifically are more focused on sustainable travel, green habits, and for travel suppliers to be transparent about their implementation of sustainable practices and procedures.

Ralph Hollister, Analyst at GlobalData commented “The adoption of badges that denote high performance concerning environmental benchmarks makes companies’ sustainability claims seem more trustworthy, which will increase demand for their products and services. GlobalData’s 2021 Consumer Survey revealed that 57% of global respondents said they were ‘often’ or ‘always’ influenced by products or services that were trustworthy.”

GlobalData Plc is a data analytics and consulting company that continuously collect and analyse travel specific data to create comprehensive, authoritative, and granular intelligence on a global scale,  reporting on travel and tourism trends, habits and changes.

Our online booking tool, NexCT, allows our clients to reduce their carbon footprint.

NexCT enables our clients to:

Internally our team works on digital platforms to complete internal processes, and any physical papers required by clients or suppliers are shredded and recycled. We promote green initiatives such as Earth Day, encourage staff to carpool and our newly implemented  hybrid work schedule ensures less carbon emissions. We also partner with  suppliers that focus on green solutions such as Hotel Verde.

We love our planet! After all, it’s our favourite place to travel! Let’s do all we can to safeguard Earth’s future, for the generations to come.

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