You’re flying to New York on Thursday, London on Monday, back to Gauteng on Wednesday. You have to focus on flights, hotels, rental cars, appointments, expenses. The list is long. And excludes unforeseen frustrations like flight delays and last minute cancelations or gate changes.

Today’s business travellers, especially when their destinations are many and days are few, undoubtedly benefit from using the cutting edge, technological miracle of a brilliantly designed mobile travel app. Why short-change yourself with subpar travel apps? These mobile tools can make all the difference, whether you’re travelling just a few towns away or to the opposite side of the globe.

No matter if your company is partnering with a reputable travel management company (TMC) or is making use of online booking, a top-quality travel app will fill the role of a literally hands-on, real-time, personal travel assistant; a travel app such as TripCase.

The world’s most downloaded travel itinerary management app, TripCase enables business travellers to book, change or cancel flights and bookings from their preferred devices; computers, tablets, mobile and smartphones, or even smartwatches and wearables.

The main screen of your chosen travel app should present every aspect of your trip in chronological order, clearly and concisely notifying:

Invariably, you get quicker updates from quality travel apps than you do from the airlines or gate announcements – in the case of TripCase, all free of charge!

TripCase is one of the few travel apps that, besides monitoring trip details, anticipates traveller needs and offers relevant advice and smart solutions whenever and wherever needed. For example:

The notifications that travellers rely on most are clearly flight notifications. There are a number of reasons that you might get an update regarding your flight. Usually, this is either to let you know that your flight is on time, which, in the case of TripCase, is sent a few hours before your flight is scheduled to depart.

If your flight is delayed or the gate changes, TripCase sends a push notification. They will also let you know if your flight is cancelled altogether. A top quality travel app will always enable you to change itineraries and flights at the last minute. You’ll also get a trip reminder around 24 hours before your trip is scheduled to start, just in case you hadn’t yet started packing!

The real strength of a travel app is how much it does for you in the background. The necessary info is always readily available. You never have to search for it.

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