Lift, South Africa’s new, start-up low-cost domestic airline is ready for lift-off. The newly founded airline will be launching their Cape Town – Johannesburg flights by December 2020 at the start of the South African summer holiday season. Lift adds an additional, affordable alternative option for corporate travellers that frequent this route, and soon, will also offer flights to Durban International Airport as well.

Founded by former CEO of Comair and founder of Kulula, Gidon Novick invited consumers to submit name ideas for his new endeavour as part of a competition. The prizes included a year’s worth of free flights. Many different names were submitted, such as ‘Ubuntu Air’ and ‘FlyMzansi’. ’Djyrynie’ and ‘Planey McPlaneface’.

The chosen name, ‘Lift’ was very popular with 8 different South Africans submitting it as their entry! The competition called for a lucky draw in the case of multiple winners, i.e. more than one participant submitting the same name, but all involved agreed to share the prize and each of the 8 winning participants walked away with a portion of the ‘year of free flights’.

The 8 winners will also have their names inscribed on the body of the first Lift plane to kick off the Johannesburg to Cape Town route this December.

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