25 Apr 2019

If you’re a business traveller, chances are you’ve experienced just how long, slow and, in a word – tiresome – queues at car rental counters can be.

That’s why you more than likely have acquired a car rental membership, the benefits of which are huge. Upon the initial, once-off signup, essential data such as your drivers’ licence details, contact information and insurance, is captured. Whatever pertains to your account is now completely automated and readily available.

No longer will you have to endure exhausting car rental lines at the airport. All your information will now be instantly accessible at all the rental company’s branches, locally and abroad. As a preferred member, you’ll also benefit from ongoing deals and special offers including:

A travel management company (TMC) will give important advice such as which vehicle is best suited to your driving experience and skill, driving legislation and rules of the road per destination, as well as personal and company vehicle insurance. In addition, the TMC will also recommend a preferred partner with whom they have a time-proven, positive relationship. “Our dealings with companies such as Avis Rent a Car are based on mutual respect and trust,” says Sharon Nash, Travel Operations Director of Club Travel Corporate. “Over the years, Avis has continued their unabated commitment to innovation and world-class service.”

A typical example of this is the new Avis Digital Membership Card. This technology enables preferred members to download their membership cards to their smartphones and other devices, thus negating the need for plastic cards.

“For continuity, best value and convenience, we suggest our clients utilise the same rental company whenever and wherever possible,” says Sharon Nash.

“Do thorough research to determine which company has the versatility to meet all your company’s needs. Avis and its many services, e.g., Avis Rent a Car, Avis Point 2 Point, Avis Chauffeur, Avis Luxury Cars, Avis Van Rental, is well equipped and well represented to meet most, if not all of our clients’ needs.”