Whether in your rental car or your personal vehicle at home, fuel has become extremely costly, with more fuel price increases predicted to hit South Africans soon. We have a number of tried and tested ways to conserve fuel, ensuring great returns each trip.

Egg-cellent Acceleration
Pretending there is an egg placed under the acceleration pedal can ensure you press down gently, executing a slow and smooth acceleration, which can conserve fuel with every stop and start.

Brake early and smoothly
Braking technically turns your fuel into heat energy; gently braking could limit this exchange, and help you get a little more for your money.

Heavy car = heavy fuel usage
Remove any unnecessary weight from the car; leave your luggage at your hotel if possible and do not fill up your tank unless you need a full tank to make it to the next fuel station. Half a tank of gas could weigh up to 40kg which is 40kg of unnecessary resistance the car needs to work against to get you from A to B.

The early bird gets extra KMs
Fuel is at its most chemically dense early in the morning before ambient temperatures increase its warmth. Therefore, filling up in the morning secures you a little more fuel in your tank, for the same price as at other times of the day.

Our chosen car rental suppliers ensure that their vehicles are fuel-efficient and kept in pristine condition to secure your safety as well as save you money, but implementing these small changes in your driving habits and behaviour could save you some additional fuel and money in the long run.


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