According to a recent survey conducted by Travel News, and a study conducted by The Association of Southern African Travel Agents (ASATA), the cheapest fare when travelling is extremely important, however, in 2022 it is not the most important. 

Travellers have indicated that flexibility and late changes at an affordable rate or for free, ranked as the most important factor when making a booking. 

Since the onslaught of Covid-19, flexibility and affordable changes have become valuable commodities. Travellers have had to adjust to last-minute rule and regulation changes by governments around the world. They have also had to adjust their own plans according to their own Covid-19 test results, and become accustomed to the emotional and financial toll this may have on themselves or their companies. 

Many airlines have adjusted their booking T&Cs to reflect this need for flexibility. These changes have given travellers more room for last-minute flight changes, with some suppliers even offering free cancellations up to 24 hours in advance. Although these cancellations do not always result in a full refund, airlines offer a future booking credit to assist you in planning your business trip in the near future. 

The relationships we have built with our suppliers, such as airlines, have made it easier for us to accommodate our clients’ requirements for flexibility. Our technology also makes it possible for our travellers to make changes as required and to rebook their tickets all within one dashboard for a quick overview. The dashboard allows for fast approvals after changes are made, as well as offer monitoring of cost savings opportunities. Our Key Account Managers also improve our clients’ travel flexibility through their constant availability to assist and adjust clients’ bookings, and our 24/7 emergency services for after-hours and weekend emergencies ensure our clients are as flexible as can be.  

For more information on our travel technology, NexCT, request a demo HERE.

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