FareStar: Minimise the Cost, Maximise the Experience

In an increasingly complex travel environment, more South African companies are discovering the advantages of outsourcing their business travel needs. After twelve years, Club Travel Corporate has developed the expertise, technology and relationships that take the hassle out of corporate travel. Now, FareStar is helping organisations large and small unlock value that goes far beyond basic business travel management with a solution that creates air travel savings of up to fifty percent.

For many companies, corporate travel is an inevitable cost of doing business. For Rand-anchored businesses, a volatile exchange rate only amplifies the challenges and expense of corporate travel. Enter FareStar, an online air travel booking tool that gives corporate travel managers access to airfares from over 1000 airlines across 50 countries. As GlobalStar’s exclusive South African partner, Club Travel Corporate is the only travel management company in the country to offer clients total access to the cost-saving power of FareStar.

How it works

In today’s environment of NDC, GDS deregulation and point of sale fragmentation, it is possible that your favourite carrier, seat or best available airfare price is available in one country, via one content provider, but not available elsewhere. Limited visibility on cheaper available seats often results in compromises that negatively impact operations and budgets; whether due to availability, alternate dates and times, non-direct flights, diversions or layovers. FareStar solves this problem.

In a single search, FareStar scans multiple databases in multiple countries and accesses thousands of local market airfares from any location. In addition to traditional global distribution content, FareStar exposes wholesale fares, consolidator fares, and fares from low cost carriers giving corporate travel managers complete oversight on the actual cost of air travel.

For example, a typical return ticket from Johannesburg to London may cost R10 529 if ticketed from South Africa, but if ticketed from the UK it would cost R7371 – a 30% saving!

FareStar enables Club Travel Corporate booking agents to manage travel to and from multiple countries irrespective of whether the travel route touches South Africa. A dedicated Club Travel Corporate account manager can manage a multinational account from one location.

The benefits

If your staff does a lot of business travel, FareStar is a no brainer. Club Travel Corporate is the only local travel management company with access to FareStar. The platform has a dedicated key account manager and client portal with all the information companies need to cut travel spend and make purchasing decisions with peace of mind.

More than 26 South African businesses trust Club Travel Corporate and FareStar to optimise their business travel spend so that professionals can jet set boldly. “Our clients demand travel management solutions that offer them great returns, not only in terms of their travel experiences, but in terms of their investments as well,” says Kananelo Makhetha CEO of Club Travel Corporate. “Without a doubt, FareStar is a game changer for the jet set, and some of our clients have saved over 50% on their international business travel costs.”

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