Safety… something which most travellers took for granted in the past, is now at the top of the list for many travellers needing to hop on a plane.  Although many are avoiding the skies altogether, there are others who are no longer able to delay their travels and for this reason, are asking important questions around travel protocols.

Emirates is the first airline to offer their passengers Covid-19 insurance cover in their efforts to show their customers that they take potential infection while travelling very seriously.

The insurance cover comes free of charge to all Emirates passengers, regardless of their route or the class they travel in.  Passengers are automatically covered for 31 days from the beginning of their journey and this offer is currently in place until 31 October 2020.  Emirates have confirmed that medical expenses, up to EUR150 000, will be covered as well as the cost of quarantine hotel accommodation for up to two weeks at EUR100 per day.   Funeral cover is also included in the event of a Covid-19 related death of a passenger.

For more detail, please click HERE.

To read more about their terms and conditions please follow this link: covid-19-cover-terms-and-conditions.

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