If it feels like the recent information on travel restrictions is about as clear as mud, fear not!

We‘ve simplified it for you.

The first thing to know is that ANY South African citizen or permanent resident, currently residing (or stuck) in any part of the world will be allowed access back to South Africa, as long as they adhere to the entry requirements set out by our government.  (See below)

Next to note is the list of high-risk countries (or Red List countries), as deemed by our government.  If you’re not an SA citizen or a permanent resident, will unfortunately not be allowed entry to into South Africa for leisure purposes as yet.

Only business workers, investors, skilled professionals and diplomats living in these countries will be allowed to enter.

Here’s where it gets a bit challenging – if you are from a high-risk country but have spent 10 days or more in a low-risk country immediately prior to travelling to South Africa, you will be considered for entry.  Again, the international entry requirements for travel into South Africa will have to be adhered to.

International entry requirements into South Africa


It is important to note that certain visas on arrival have been revoked and must be applied for prior to arrival in South Africa.  Please check with your nearest South African Embassy.

Anyone from a high-risk country wanting to travel to South Africa for business purposes must send an application to along with a passport copy and/or temporary residence visa, proof of business activities, proof of travel itinerary and proof of accommodation in South Africa.

For the up-to-date, full list of high-risk (Red List) countries – CLICK HERE 

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