23 Apr 2018

A growing number of international organisations are experiencing increased business trips to foreign markets. Besides securing new deals in far-off countries where returns are often higher, face-to-face interaction between global partners are a prerequisite for the maintenance of ongoing, important relationships.

“There will always be a need for business class travel for executives who need to arrive fresh for meetings after a long flight,” says Mohammed Jogee – Sales and Marketing Director, Club Travel Corporate. “However, flying business class comes at a cost. To effectively manage travel expenses, companies competing in the global economy need a dynamic travel policy that specifies exactly how business travel costs will be covered; the biggest cost of course being flights.”

“To a large extent, company culture dictates policy which in turn dictates the flight class. Effective management results from the specialist expertise of a travel management company (TMC) that understands the company’s unique culture. The TMC asks the right questions to ensure the most appropriate outcomes. For example, when booking economy or business class, does the company strike an appropriate balance between cost management and employee comfort?”

This balance can be struck by the company working with the TMC to carefully consider the flight class permitted. For example:

A reputable TMC manages preferences and maintains extensive traveller profiles. The TMC will continually identify, according to the company’s dynamic travel policy, whether more cost-effective classes of travel can be booked; economy for domestic flights, premium economy where available, and business instead of first class.

“Today’s world-class TMCs – while still providing the fundamentals such as travel bookings, visas, insurance, leisure travel services, safety, etc. – are fully equipped to manage the end-to-end needs and processes of corporate travel,” says Mohammed. “This naturally incudes the TMCs’ ability to, via its excellent relationships with the world’s best airlines, maximise the flying executives’ need for comfort while satisfying the company’s need to minimise costs.”