If you’re fortunate enough to be employed by an organisation with a travel policy that’s informed by success factors other than just cost, the benefits of flying business class – especially when travelling internationally – are worth considering.

1. Saving time
You join a dedicated line at airport check-ins that is shorter, faster and, because the ground staffers are invariably less stressed, friendlier. On board, you are seated and invited to disembark before other passengers. Being able to speed up the embarking/disembarking experience is a cost-effective, frustration-avoiding benefit. Time is indeed money.

2. Lounging around
Before your flight, business class travellers avoid the queued discomfort of the airport’s general facilities by visiting your airline’s business lounge. Besides free drinks, cuisine and business services, a number of business lounges offer shower rooms, areas to catch up on sleep, and the ability to order meals for your flight in advance.

3. Enjoying the menu
More often than not, business class travellers are offered champagne or orange juice even before the aircraft takes off! Once in the air, inspired menus with an array of delicious choices often prepared by world-class chefs await you. Food and a choice of alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages will be available throughout the entirety of your flight.

4. Getting comfortable
The physical comfort of additional leg-room, the extra space to work or the luxury of falling asleep on a fully reclined seat during long-haul, overnight flights, cannot be over-emphasised. Upon arrival, the rest and comfort you enjoyed in business class will make a tangible difference to your productivity.

5. Arriving ready
From the airport, you are immediately whisked off to a scheduled meeting with an important client. Perhaps you have to deliver a keynote address at a conference, or attend an urgent meeting at your corporate’s head office. If you have enjoyed the myriad benefits of travelling business class, chances are you’ll disembark from the aircraft feeling rested, fresh and up to the challenge.

Business travel can be extremely disruptive to your professional and personal life. However, although technological alternatives such as Skype and video conferencing exist, face-to-face contact remains a business imperative. To maximise professional success and maintain personal well-being, business class travel is worth serious consideration.

NOTE: Business class offerings vary from airline to airline. The above is a summation of the offerings of various international airlines.

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