Wally Gaynor

Club Travel Founder and Managing Director

A maverick in the industry, Wally is a man of action. He kicked off his career in Ireland in 1978 starting with Thomas Cook and moving on to Aer Lingus-owned Blue Skies and SGT Travel. He completed intermediate and advanced diplomas in travel and tourism from IATA/UFTAA in Switzerland.

In the early 1980s, during his regular three-month sabbaticals travelling the world, he discovered Cape Town. He fell in love with the Mother City and chose to stay. With the ‘world inside his head’ he decided to pour his vast experience into a new venture and, in 1987, launched Club Travel. The rest, like they say, is history.

Wally is a keen runner doing a sub two-hour half marathon. He also plays squash, has completed the Cape Town Cycle Tour and travels extensively, having already visited over 90 countries. A philanthropist at heart, Wally actively participates in Club Cares, Club Travel Corporate’s corporate social investment programme focused on supporting and helping those in need.  He particularly enjoys getting involved in initiatives involving community work and children’s programmes such as the Red Cross Children’s Hospital. Wally’s positivity for our business, our industry, and our country is truly inspiring.