Our Story

In a decade known for its big hair, shoulder pads, synthesised music, and the Rubik’s cube. While Michael Jackson was doing the moonwalk, the Berlin wall was coming down and the South African government faced increasing pressure forcing a political turnaround, the idea that was Club Travel was born.

Although Wally Gaynor’s heart was in South Africa, he had the world inside his head and he wanted to close the gap between people and places. He founded Club Travel in 1987 on the uncompromising values of service, passion and value. His team and company grew from strength to strength over the decades, with Club Travel becoming a recognised brand amongst travellers and dreamers looking for a good deal.

Just after the start of the new millennium, in 2001, Thebe Investment Corporation acquired Club Travel, now a Level One BBBEE contributor, Club Travel became perfectly positioned to address the unique requirements of corporate South Africa.

The year 2007 saw us reeling from fright to fantasy with the US housing bubble burst, and the seventh and final Harry Potter book being published. The environmental awakening of an Inconvenient Truth winning Best Documentary at the Oscars, and the announcement of the New Seven Wonders of the Modern World. However it also saw us celebrating great innovation with the launch of the Apple iPhone, and the launch of Club Travel Corporate.

A focused corporate travel management brand, the establishment of Club Travel Corporate responded to the very specific needs of corporate travel as identified over two decades of experience in the South African travel industry. Offering all of the fine-tuned travel management skills Club Travel is known for, Club Travel Corporate customised and enhanced its corporate travel service offering. Services that positively impact the productivity and profitability of its clients’ businesses through insightful and efficient service and delivery, and accurate and intelligent reporting.

These services have been recognised at the highest level, with Club Travel winning Africa’s Leading Travel Agency every year since 2007. Other accolades include the Most Professional Travel Agency in South Africa as voted by government and business in the Golden Arrow Awards, and the Amadeus Mozart Award for Excellence and Travel Technology Innovation in South Africa, amongst many others.

Club Travel Corporate continues the legacy of closing the gap between people and places by creating opportunities through their skills development programmes, social investment, environmental initiatives, and franchise business opportunities.

Whether from public or private sector, an executive or administrator, Club Travel Corporate is the ideal corporate travel management partner. Our corporate travel consulting, management, technology, and value-add services keep business travellers productive and positive, and ensure great returns on travel investments. For great returns, choose Club Travel Corporate.