“A final look at 2021 and my wishes for 2022…” – Kananelo Makhetha

“The last 6 months we felt strong, resilient and were grateful for the positive turn in our industry in terms of our domestic travels but also the pick-up in international travellers both inbound and outbound.

We are grateful to have rehired many of our team members that were retrenched and started to become hopeful and excited for things to come.

The unfortunate emergence of the Omicron variant has now reintroduced fear and anxiety around travel which has sadly meant the closing of many international borders. I truly hope that these borders will open again soon so travellers can visit with their family and friends this festive season, especially after such a challenging year.

We believe that domestic travel will remain robust, and the steady increase of vaccinations will assist us in controlling these waves of infections and help us recover as a country.

The resilience of our industry has been proven time-and-time again during this pandemic, and the support of the general public has been so appreciated. I would like to encourage each and every one of you to continue to sanitise, to wear your masks and to practice safe social distancing so our President can keep the lockdown regulations at its current level, and we can continue to rebuild our economy.

My biggest wish for Club Travel Corporate for 2022 is for the virus to finally subside and to see international travel especially thrive. We have noted a lot of pent-up demand to travel abroad, and we would really love for international bans to be lifted, so we can once again service our clients so they may travel with great returns.”

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