Data can be invaluable, especially during a pandemic when every single Rand counts! One of the services we offer our clients is detailed reporting on travel behaviour, preferences and spend. Here’s 5 reasons why data is king.

  1. Save time, save money!

When it comes to booking travel, a streamlined process means your TMC experts are doing what they do best: finding the best deals, at the best rates, for you and your company – whilst staying within the parameters of your travel policy. Having these operations automated saves you time, and therefore saves you money.

  1. Customised travelling

Based on the data collected and pre-set preferences, our travel experts can implement your desired travelling specifications and replicate it each time. Real-time data on where you are in your journey, and the trip as it stretches in front of you can be broken down and adjusted by your team on the ground.

  1. Mitigate risk

Duty of care has never been more important than now.  An automated, centralised travel management team and system, monitored and maintained by our corporate travel experts, available to you 24/7 is the best way to keep you safe, and to prevent you from incurring unnecessary costs, fees and cancellation/changes penalties.

  1. Form better travel policies and procedures

Based on our data from your company, or those we have serviced over our decades of business, has helped us construct the ideal travel policies and procedures to safeguard businesses and travellers alike. In consultation with our team, we can ensure your travel policy covers all aspects of corporate travel.

  1. Adapt, Adjust and Accomplish

Change is inevitable – if the Covid-19 pandemic taught us anything, it is that things change, often with very little time to adapt or adjust. Our data gives us a collective database of behaviours, statistics and history of travel specific trends and changes to help us service our clients through any sudden or slow changes.

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